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Title: Assistant Property Manager

Supervisor : Property Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

      Assists the property manager to perform managerial and supervisory work involving the management and operation of one or more housing developments, and       performs other related work as required.  Specific duties include the following:

  • Assists the property manager to provide orientation for new residents:  to show unit,  and explain lease and briefs them on Authority policies and procedures.
  • Assists the property manager review accounts receivable, reports weekly and conducts collection activity of delinquent accounts.
  • Assists the property manager maintain and monitor delinquent rent roll, issues delinquent notices and late payment charges, and assists the property manager  initiate eviction process when warranted.
  •  Assists the property manager counsel residents concerning personal and family problems and refers them to social service agencies for financial and other assistance.
  •    Assists the property manager with and attends Resident Council meetings and meetings with outside agencies to identify resident needs and available outside resources
  •   Assists the property manager in performing annual recertification of residents and enters data into computer database. Assists the property manager in monitoring, preparing and distributing annual recertification notices.
  •   Assists the property manager  to calculate interim adjustments and enter information into computer data base.     Assists the property manager to prepare and distribute interim adjustment notices.
  •   Assists the property manager with inspections, monitoring and informing residents of work planned.
  •   Assists the property manager receive service orders from residents for needed maintenance and monitors orders to ensure work is performed.
  •   Assists the property manager  to perform periodic drive-by or walk-by inspections of buildings and grounds, to resolve unsatisfactory conditions with residents and initiate lease termination proceedings when warranted.
  •   Assists the property manager to perform administrative tasks:  maintain resident files; prepare reports required by HUD and the Authority; maintain inventory records and take annual inventory; submit requests for needed items and services; and maintain petty cash fund.
  •   Assists the property manager and attends departmental and Authority wide staff meetings and training sessions as scheduled.
  •   Assists the property manager  to collect monthly rents from residents, only checks and money orders.
  •   Assists the property manager to contribute to team effort by accomplishing other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

  • Two-year degree in business, public administration, or social sciences from an accredited college or university.  One year of progressively responsible experience as a management aide, or at least three years working in an administrative capacity at a housing development, or an equivalent combination of experience and education.
  • Must achieve a public housing management certification within one year of date of hire.
  • Good knowledge of housing authority operating policies and procedures; principles, practices  and techniques of public housing management; HUD regulations pertaining to low rent housing; basic arithmetic, and services available through local social service agencies.
  • Some knowledge of modern principles, practices and techniques of budgeting and bookeeping.
  • Skill in the use of basic office machines; computer, typewriter, calculator, and photocopy machine.
  • Ability to meet and deal with the public; to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and persons outside the Authority; plan and organize meetings and other activities; prepare clear and concise narrative and statistical reports, and deal effectively with situations requiring tact and diplomacy, yet firmness.
  • Bondability
  • Valid Texas Driver's License
  • Eligibility

Supervision Received and Given

  • The employee receives instructions from the Property Manager.  Normally, the employee plans and carries out work activities with minimal supervision and independently resolves problems that arise.  The employee receives specific instructions when complaints are brought to the attention of the supervisor; and when the supervisor is contacted by the employee for direction.  The employee's work is reviewed for conformity to organizational policies and attainment of objectives.


  • The employee follows performs routine duties following established and specific guidelines.  Routinely the employee makes decisions concerning resident's or maintenance problems using personal judgment based on prior experience.  The employee is expected to adhere to all existing guidelines and compliance is monitored intermittently.


  • The employee performs a large number of varied tasks that require independent decision making on a daily basis.  Work performed by the employee is primarily routine and repetitive in nature.  Occasionally, the employee makes decisions regarding unusual circumstances, conflicting data, or other non-routine circumstances.  In those cases the employee adapts procedures or develops new approaches to the work.

Scope and Effect

  • Assistant Property Managers are key employees in management and operation of low-rent housing and their work affects the residents, community groups and support agencies on a continuing basis.  Successful accomplishment of duties by the employee enhances greatly the Authority's ability to meet its overall mission.

Personal Contacts

  • The employee has contact with Authority employees at all levels and with various persons including:  the general public, the media, residents, resident association officers, officials and representatives of various social service, educational and city agencies.   The primary purpose of contacts are to gain, clarify, or give information; plan coordinate, and advise on work effort; motivate, influence, or direct persons or groups; and to justify defend, negotiate, or resolve controversial matters or issues.

Physical Demands

  • Work is performed in-office and on-site, and involves physical exertion during visits and inspection of units and developments.  Work may entail travel to meetings, conferences, and workshops in other cities.  The employee is subject to call after normal working hours in the event of illness, accident, disturbance, police-related activity or death.  Attendance at recreational activities or resident council meetings after normal working hours is sometimes necessary.

Work Environment

  • Work involves the normal risks and discomforts associated with an office environment and visits to outdoor developments, sites, dwellings, or facilities, inspections of structures and confrontations with applicants and residents.

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