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Title: Leasing & Occupancy Technician I& II

Supervisor : Director of Assisted Housing

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for processing annual reexaminations and/or recertification's for housing assistance in the Assisted Housing Program. The employee may perform some or all of the specific duties listed below.

  • Interviews participants for recertifications, explains housing program obligations, verifies information on the reexamination/recertification forms, and determins continued eligibility of participants.
  • Conducts briefing sessions and counsels participants on family obligations.
  • Negotiates repayment agreements for approval by Director of Assisted Housing.
  • Issues Housing Choice Vouchers to applicants, families requesting to move, to excercise portability options, or who require a smaller or larger unit.
  • Assists with rent negotiations when requested by participant.
  • Responds to landlord inquiries and/or concerns about specific contracts or the Assited Housing programs in general.
  • Initiates and executes Housing Assitance Payments (HAP) contracts.
  • Initiates Termination of Assistance of families for non-compliance, or non-performance, or other grounds in conformance with established PHA policy and procedures.
  • Maintains participant and landlord files and documents historical record fo each participant file.
  • Completes annual recertifications of participants in conformance with PHA policy.
  • Pulls files for rexaminations, schedules appointments for reexams, makes revisions, calculates rent adjustments, notifies participants and landlords in writing of changes.
  • Generates and mails correspondence or notices to landlords and participants for appointments, changes in rent, termination of assitance, etc.
  • Assists with the monthly processing of checks payable to owners and participants, and prepares and balances their individual data sheet for Diretor of Assisted Housing for reconciliation.
  • Prepares and distributes incoming/outgoing mail and files necessary information into client's files.
  • Provides data entry for all adjustments or changes to participant data.
  • Conducts field interviews as needed.
  • Counsels participants and assists in resolution of problems owners and particpants.
  • Performs clerical duties such as answering telephone, general typing, filing adn mailing correspondence.
  • Prepares monthly reports to advise supervisor of caseload status.
  • Insures assigned caseload completed in a timely manner and balances caseload actions with Section 8 rent roll.
  • Researches, analyzes and documents programmatic issues or complaints and applies proper action to the problem.
  • Contributes to team effort by acoomplishing other dutes as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

  • Prefer Associate's degree in business, or related field preferred, plus two years interviewing experience in a position with a public agency, social service agency, or equivalent public contact office.
  • Knowledge of general office, clerical and office management practices and procedures, business English, and basic arightmetic. Excellent oral and written skills.
  • Good knowledge of Authority policies, procedures, and practices to Assited Housing programs.
  • Excellent reseach and analytical skills.
  • Skill in operating general office machines, including computer equipment.
  • Exeperience in Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Housing Authority software etc.
  • Bondability.
  • Valid Texas driver's license.
  • Eligibility for coverage under Authority fleet auto insurance.

Supervision Received and Given

  • The employee receives work assignments from the Director of Assisted Housing. TThe supervisor ususally establishes priorities and time frames. The supervisor monitors the employee's work for thoroughness, neatness, and compliance with procedures and guidelines. Employee completes work with minimum supervision.
  • The employee has no supervisory responsibilities.


  • The employee generally follows past experience in accomplishing assignemnts. Methods for accomplishing routing work are at the discretion of the employee, subject to existing HUD regulations and Authority policies, practices, and procedures. When unusual situations arise, the employee shall request guidance from the supervisor.


  • The employee performs a variety of related tasks which are mostly routine and repetive in nature, however, a significant amount of work requires individual and analytical ability and judgement regarding areas that are left flexible HUD regulation and PHA policy. Occasionally, the employee is required to exercise personal judgment in making decisions in accomplishing assignments. Non-routine situations are referred to the supervisor for resolution.

Scope and Effect

  • The timeleness and completion of work affects the entire agency for income generating purposes; however, the employee's work primarily affects the Authority's Assisted Housing Department. A good job performance by the employee enhances the offices ability to increase housing opportunites for low-income persons.

Personal Contacts

  • The employee's personal contacts are with participants, co-workers and landlords, and with outside sources to verify applicant information. The purpose of these contacts is to obtain information and documentation needed by the authority for providing housing assistance to families.

Physical Demands

  • Work is principally sedentary, but may involve some physical exertion, such as kneeling and crouching to obtain files, eye strain from working with computers and other office equipment.

Work Enviroment

  • Work involves the normal risks or discomforts associated with an office enviroment, but are usually in an area that is adequately cooled, heated, lighted and ventilated.

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